Our History

The tradition of Flor de Florez goes back for generations. It all started in the Santa Clara region of Cuba. Senor Flores sr. Learned the delicate art of cigar rolling while a youngster from his parents, who operated a plantation that the family operated. As he grew up, he continued to be a student of the cigar industry.

When he married and started a family, he became acutely aware of the tensions that were brewing in his homeland. He did not support the ideology of the dictator Batista nor did he believe that Castro would be any better. He was at times outspoken about his beliefs in the freedom of all people and was warned by his friends and family to be less vocal of his opinions. Many people around him, who shared his beliefs in freedom were being arrested and locked away or worse. Sr. Flores knew that he had to leave his beloved Cuba, before it would be too late.

Senor Flores obtained visas for his wife, his daughter and his eldest son. They were welcomed into the united states and for the first time in many years, Senor Flores felt safe.

To support his family Senor Flores, sr. Worked a variety of odd jobs in and around the Miami area. However, his passion for cigar-making, never waivered. He simply moved his production of cigars to his kitchen table. With his fellow expatriates he rolled cigars in his kitchen, catching up with news of the family and friends, he was forced to leave behind.

Senor Flores, sr. Continued to hone his craft. He would often tell his eldest son, Carlos, Jr. Who would sit and help his father roll cigars, that rolling a cigar was not work, but art and that like a piece of art each cigar is unique and can never be duplicated.

Carlos, jr. Received the best education for his future endeavors, from his father. While growing up, he would accompany his dad while he went to different venues in miami to obtain the best tobacco to create his version of perfection, the miami blend cigar. When the demand from his family, friends and neighbors increased, he moved the production to his garage. He built a long picnic table and it had two benches running along both sides. He invited his fellow Cubans to sit, drink, talk and roll cigars. Carlos jr. was right there along side his father.

When Carlos, Jr. was an adult. He began to branch out and expand on his father’s dream. The demand for Flor de Florez went national. A larger manufacturer was needed to keep up with the demand. Also, a distribution center had to be created. Business was booming and the cigar became the favorite of many cigar enthusiasts. Unfortunately, the manufacturer decided without notice to stop the production of theFlor de Florez cigar. There was a lawsuit byFlor de Florez, which was settled in their favor, but it took a great deal of time and theFlor de Florez brand was out of the national spotlight.

The Flor de Florez cigar was continuously made but on a smaller level. It was available to a community of cigar smokers in the northeast, through an outlet of family owned tobacco shops. It was always Carlos Jr.’s hope to continue his father’s dream and his own to market theFlor de Florez brand to a more broad based customer outlet and that outlet is here, now everyone can enjoy this great line of cigars.

Throughout the years, the Flor de Florez brand has experienced great loyalty from it’s customers, which is greatly appreciated. And because of that loyalty….

We’re back, baby!