Is Cuba opening up? When it does, will a Cuban cigar be a real Cuban cigar?

There are no doubt, in this writer’s mind and the minds of many other cigar enthusiasts that Cuba will soon be opened up to the American consumer. Obama is determined to see that it becomes a reality. Now that the u.S. Embassy is open in Cuba, and the Cuban embassy opens in theU.S., The normalization of a diplomatic relationship between the two countries begins the process of lifting the embargo. When the embargo is finally lifted, and a flood of American consumers rushes to get their first legal taste of the forbidden Cuban cigar, what will they get
As it stands now, my sources on the island tell me that Cuban cigars are now being made with tobacco purchased from other countries. These tobaccos are blended with tobacco grown in Cuba to manufacture the cigars they sell.
In my opinion, there are two main reasons why this may be true 1) the demand for Cuban cigars remains high and the purchase of outside tobacco makes it possible for Cuba to continue to produce and sell their most popular export. 2) Because of their need to keep up with the demand for their cigars, they have over used the soil in which the tobacco is grown. They have been planting and re-planting in the same soil without allowing it to rest and re-build the nutrients it needs to produce one of the best tobaccos in the world. Instead, the results are an inferior grade of tobacco. To make up for this inferior tobacco, Cuba, is forced to purchase superior tobacco from other countries.
So for those of us who are waiting with great anticipation of getting our hands on a true Cuban cigar, even if it is not a counterfeit, but truly was manufactured in Cuba, we may find that it is no better or worse than the high-end cigars that are currently available in the u.S. From such countries as, the Dominican Republic, Honduras and Nicaragua.
This is not to say that all cigars from Cuba will be blended, but if they are you will never truly know. I believe that those of us who purchase our first Cuban cigar will enjoy it regardless, because of the mystique that is Cuba.

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