Embargo lifted? Beneficial to the cuban people?

In my last blog post, i was discussing the fact that Cuba is making purchases of tobacco from other countries to keep up with and prepare for the cigar market to come, once the u.S. Embargo is lifted.

The blending of Cuban tobacco with other tobaccos will probably go undetected by the average cigar smoker. I am sure that the Cuban government will make sure that the appearance and construction of these cigars will be excellent and that they can easily be passed off as authentic.

When the embargo is lifted, a situation will be created, in which the Cuban government (the Castro brothers) will reap the rewards of a tremendous economic windfall. Several questions come to my mind regarding this windfall.

1- How much of this economic windfall will trickle down to the Cuban people?
My guess, not much
2-How much will this economic windfall affect the way in which the Cuban people live their daily lives?
My guess, not much
3-Will the people of Cuba gain any personal or political freedom from the embargo being lifted?
My guess, no

The people of Cuba will not have any improvement towards a democratic say in how their lives and the way in which their country is managed. Not as long as the Castros are still in power.

Many Cuban officials and politicians in the United States make the claim that this will be the beginning of a better life for the Cuban people. In my opinion, as a born son of Cuba, this is simply not true. The situation that existed the day my father left his beloved Cuba, to ensure that his family had the freedoms that should belong to all people, still exists today. The only free people of Cuba are the Castros and their cronies.

Even though, I am a cigar lover; I will have to think twice about purchasing cigars from Cuba. Because each dollar spent by the people of the United States, will be used for the benefit of the Castro regime. That thought should go through each of us, prior to sending dollars to Castro.

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